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Social media Marketing Tailored to your Taxi Firm

Social Media is part of the fuel for your SEO fire, with millions of people spending upwards of 145 minutes of EVERY day on Social Media, most of which are browsing on a mobile device.

Regular posting and engagement on multiple social media platforms will cement your Taxi Firms’ brand identity, and associate your business and unique service with your target market (niche).

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Jump in the social media pool! The water’s fine, we promise

Where so many Taxi companies fall down with their social media, is the frequency and diversity of their posts. There are many social media platforms now, and not necessarily all of them will make sense for your marketing, but one thing is certain, with different age groups and demographics preferring different social media platforms you don't want to only post once in a blue moon or focus on just one.

You may want to dip your toe in and try it for yourself and our newsletter offers a lot of free tips and guidance on how to manage your online marketing, but as your business matures you'll soon see to do it well, social media is a job for a whole team, and with our expertise, we're happy to help!

Our results-driven & proven engagement strategies are ever-evolving in the everchanging world of social media.

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.”

Jef I. Richards
work with the best

Build your channels, brand your platforms, create compelling content

Social media Marketing drives leads, builds a following, and creates brand recognition & engagement connecting with hundreds of thousands of people locally and potentially millions worldwide.

Whether you’re a national Taxi Firm or still growing, Social Media is fuel for your SEO fire, after all, you can build the best company or service and have the best website around but if you don’t shout about your company, who will? The better your engagement and reach, the more people you can make aware of your service so that when they’re ready, they’ll be looking to book with your taxi firm.

Regular posting and engagement on multiple social media platforms will cement your brand identity, and associate your business and unique service with your target market (niche).

Content Writing

Content writing is an art in of itself, our skilled content writers have built their skills over the past 20+ years, to include page rank boosting keywords and platform tailored marketing techniques to build channel growth. All whilst maintaining natural, readable text that provides value to the audience to promote engagement.

Innovative Ideas

Successful Social Media is born out of innovative ideas, that creativity brings diversity and maintains interest. After all a boring social feed is a dead social feed, and it's always harder to build interest than it is to maintain it.

Marketing Strategy

Our Marketing strategy is planned out a month ahead of our post delivery, guided by extensive research and our client interactions We take into account local & national events, latest trends and our overall targeting & growth goals in order to provide a well thought out strategy


A selection of our Social Media work.

Specialist Content Creation: Photography, Video & Drone Filming

Stock imagery & footage is great and can absolutely assist with creating professional social media post image creation.

That said nothing quite speaks to your local audience as a photoshoot of your vehicles in familiar local places, and settings really showcasing your services. 

In recent years we’ve seen the industry shift to increasing demand for video content, our in-house Photography & Videography team are available as required for photo & video shoots for your business and services. Unsure what you want from a shoot? We provide a personalised shoot plan of action, with suggestions from the content team on products/services and locations.

Check out our Photo & Video Services page for more information.

What you Get

Want to Book A Taxi Shoot?

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Our Photography shoots are usually included as a part of our flexible Social Media packages but if this is a service you need we’ll see if we can accommodate you.

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Mark Goldsborough
Mark Goldsborough
Owner Streamline Taxi
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"We've been with Taxisolutions for over 4 years now, their services and offerings improve year on year, as does our growth, an independent business assessment noted that our Taxisolutions designed website was very well built and as such was generating a lot of business for us especially from tourists and students."
Chantelle Brown
Chantelle Brown
SDS Construction
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"Our Yellow Pages website & SEO business package was costing us a lot for very little results, we were struggling to generate business. Although initially sceptical we signed up with TaxiSolutions within 3 months we were inundated with more jobs than we could handle!
I'm looking to hire an extra team now.. luckily TaxiSolutions could help with that too!"
Roxy Siddique
Roxy Siddique
Owner Crossley's Cars
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“5 Star Testimonials are booming! With Reviewmaster, and Social Media Marketing support from Taxisolutions, we’re absolutely flying here’s to another fantastic year!”
Rodger Bridge
Rodger Bridge
Owner Driven Taxis
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Love the posts you do thank you so much, I love the one Mark has just done showing how to use the promo code. Great work you guys very much appreciated!
Claire Welsh
Claire Welsh
Owner Wellman Cars
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"Another great find Taxi Solutions, Salman Zaidi & Mark Gallon are the team who can help your company excel in your customer feedback reviews. Ask me more about it or contact the team direct, you won’t regret it."